Vision & Mission | Birali Steiner School Beachmere
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2024 - Prep - Class 3 & 6 - 9
2025 - Prep - Class 4 & 7 - 9

Vision & Mission


Birali Steiner School’s Vision is to educate the whole child learning through head, heart and hands offering a curriculum responsive to the developmental phases in childhood ensuring a positive foundation for a purposeful and productive adulthood is cultivated.


At Birali Steiner School, we strive together to deliver an education that honours, nourishes, and develops the creative spirit of the child. Our school aims to kindle in young people, courage, determination, a sense for truth and beauty and a desire for lifelong learning, with an understanding of respect for the traditional custodians of the land on which the school is founded. 

We do this by providing developmentally appropriate learning experiences that encompass and emphasise:

  • physical development and connection to the natural world
  • advancement of the social and feeling life
  • development of artistic and creative capacity
  • cultivation of living thinking through engaging in academic studies

Our educators bring the Steiner pedagogical approach to life, in our unique Birali context, so that young people may develop a healthy and lively connection to others, their natural environment and their own individuality.  

With this foundation, the young person can go forth into the world with a broad and deep knowledge base, a feeling of their own social competency and a benevolent sense of individual freedom.


Birali Steiner School offers a co-educational, non-denominational, meaningful and holistic schooling experience. The spiritual nature of each individual is supported, and this guides the way in which education is offered; respect, joy, moral strength, trust and honesty are held at the centre of all learning. The uniqueness of each and every child is nourished so that they may find their own meaning and purpose in their work and play, their individuality and community, their inner reflection and outer expression. The physical space is revered for its beauty and is held carefully to reflect goodness, peace and cooperation. Integral to the philosophy of Steiner Education, the teacher meets each child at the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual levels. They do so by being guided by the different developmental stages and needs of childhood offered by Rudolf Steiner.

We will strive at all times and wherever possible to provide an environment of true equity free from discrimination based on language, sexual orientation, pregnancy, gender, culture, ethnicity, religion, health or disability, socioeconomic background and geographic location. Childhood is seen as a gift to be protected and the idealism of youth is nurtured to form the foundation of a purposeful and productive adulthood.

We uphold diversity and seek to build upon local cultural knowledge. We strive to always work in partnership with the community. We honour the uniqueness of each individual within and around our community and seek to reflect the diversity of our society within our school. We strive to embrace and build a community that values ethical, sustainable and joyful living and learning.

We will always endeavour to do the very best we can to support and integrate students who are having difficulties.