Places available in 2023
Prep, Classes 1, 2, 5 & 6


Chloe Ann Francis


At Birali Steiner School, we strive together to deliver an education that honours, nourishes, and develops the creative spirit of the child. Our school aims to kindle in young people, courage, determination, a sense for truth and beauty and a desire for lifelong learning, with an understanding of respect for the traditional custodians of the land on which the school is founded. 

We look forward to warmly welcoming you to Birali Steiner School.

Teaching Staff 2023

Back Row from left: Maddie E, Michael C, Christoph S, Lisa C, Megan A, Dekota B
Front Row from left: Lily L, Lauren C, Jenny A, Becci  V, Angela F, Chloe Ann F , Marianne F, Fiona B, Judy D, Emma G
Absent: Torie M, Vanda E, Trisha H, Dale J, Agnes P, Kay H, Yuka J

Administration & Maintenance Staff 2023

Back Row from left: Dave M, Bek B
Middle Row from left: Noeline F, Beck W, Alix H
Front Row from left: Maureen R, Karen H, Emma W, Torie M
Absent: Racheal P
Business Manager
Beck Walker
Reception & General Enquiries
Racheal Parry & Emma Wallace
Enrolments Officer
Bek Blansjaar
Accounting Clerk & ICT Support
Alix Hatfield
Promotions Officer
Emma Wallace

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670 Beachmere Road, Beachmere 4510.
MBBSSA Inc. T/A Birali Steiner School