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Prep, Class 1, 6, 7, 8 & 9


Colette Williams


Employed from 2022

Bachelor of Education P- 10 
Graduate Certificate in Religious Education
Masters of Education – Leadership
Diploma Children’s Services. 

Colette has worked across the State, Catholic and Private sectors and has been blessed to lead small to large school communities. Over her career, she has also had the opportunity to lead a Kindergarten in the role of Director and Educational Leader. Colette’s experience has enabled her to embrace a variety of learning frameworks and pedagogical approaches to educating children.

“Birali – Creative Spirit” was founded from the labour of love by many parents and children of the Beachmere community.  At the very heart of the school is the vision, whereby the school staff are committed to educating the whole child; head, heart and hands.  This aligns with who I am and how I lead school communities.  At Birali, we achieve a balanced education by providing all students with access to a curriculum that is responsive to the developmental phases of children, along with fostering and cultivating purpose and productivity in young people. I am passionate about providing a children will access to a holistic education, with a focus on balancing academic, artistic, and practical learning experiences to enable learners to adapt to a changing world.  The children who attend this school are seen as a gift to be protected and nurtured. The history, vision, mission and values of our school align with how I love to lead school communities.  All children are a gift. It is our role as educators to support, guide and nurture children to reach their full potential.  In doing so, children can become confident and creative thinkers and experience education as an art, which speaks to their inner being.”

Chloe Ann Francis

Teaching and Learning Coordinator & Subject teacher

Employed from 2015

Certificate lll & lV in Fitness (specialising in children’s health and fitness) – Australian Institute of Fitness
Bachelor of Education (Primary) – Curtin University
Fundamentals of Steiner Education – Sheoak College, Adelaide.

Chloe Ann sees it as a great privilege to take the first class through the Primary School at Birali, teaching Class 1 through to Class 6/7/8 in 2020. She has attended many workshops related to Learning Support, Bothmer Gymnastics as well as the Class Teacher Intensives for consecutive years. While studying education at university, she was also working as a Steiner classroom Teacher Aide for 4 years. She has considerable experience in Learning Support, OSHC and assisted in Administration.

“I fell in love with the Steiner Curriculum after my first experiences in a Steiner classroom. I am passionate about supporting children to learn in a creative and holistic environment.”

Lisa Cashion

Class Teacher

Employed from 2019

Bachelor of Education,
Currently studying Graduate Certificate of Steiner Education, USC
Certificate III in Education Support
Certified Austswim Teacher

Lisa has committed her life work to educating children in differing formats.
She has a Bachelor of Education and is in the process of completing her Graduate Certificate of Steiner Education. Prior to classroom teaching she was an Austswim accredited swimming teacher for 20 years, a nanny for 15 years and a Teacher Aide for 3 years. Her passion for Steiner Education is evident as her own children attended both Tarremah Steiner School in Tasmania and Samford Valley Steiner School. Lisa brings her years of experience as a Steiner parent to her classroom.

“I enjoy the artistic curriculum offered by Steiner Education and witnessing children discover the world via the creative syllabus and the joy of achievement this brings to their lives.”

Nich Eady

Class Teacher

Employed from 2022

Bachelor of Education (Secondary) & Bachelor of Arts

I have over 20 years’ experience in a variety of high school education settings, including mainstream, alternative and fully inclusive contexts. The key to my success as an educator being my ability to  be inclusive of all individual needs and approaches to learning  and being. I find ways to foster the learner’s interests and passions to help them unlock their learning. I truly value the

development of a growth mindset as necessary in the development of becoming an effective experiential and lifelong learner. I am very grateful in my life for the gift given to me as  I walk along with each individual, as they follow their own personal learning journey to find their definition and expression of excellence.

“I am a very passionate teacher who values the importance of community and authentic learning. I will strive to improve the sense of genuine community and authentic learning at the school and in my class as I journey with the students under my care.  I have close to twenty years’ experience working in a variety of mainstream and alternative schools. I possess a deep love for learning and have made the move to Birali Steiner School as the teaching philosophy resonates very strongly with me. I believe that a holistic approach to education helps individuals to thrive in the world. I am very excited to explore new learning horizons that allow the learner to explore the interconnection of the natural world with humans that live there through the exploration of a very diverse and well-grounded curriculum. I am also very excited to be a part of a genuine learning community and to contribute to this in any way that I can.”

Michelle Hightower

Class Teacher

Employed from 2021

Bachelor of Visual Arts in Fine Arts – QCA
Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (Graduate) – QUT
Graduate Certificate of Steiner Education – USC

Michelle has worked with young children for the past 20 years, beginning in Community Kindergartens as Teacher and Director.  She became interested in Steiner Education when looking for a suitable place for her daughter to attend.  Michelle subsequently moved into the Steiner school sector and she has been a Steiner Early Childhood Teacher for the past 7 years.

“Working with the vision of the whole child is something I really value.  I believe we all benefit from an education that sees and values who we are as individuals.  When individuals are supported we are in a strong position to build a truly wonderful community filled with potential.”

Becci (Soutar) Valli – on leave

Class Teacher

Employed from 2016

Bachelor of Arts
Graduate Diploma of Early Childhood Education
Master of Educational Leadership
WA Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy

Becci began teaching in 2009 and in 2010 & was privileged to start her Steiner teaching journey with 4 years at West Coast Steiner School (WA), followed by 3 years at Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School (Vic) before joining Birali in 2016. She was part of an Australian Independent Schools (AISWA) research project (published 2013) exploring ways teachers could focus on play based early years education while meeting the National Curriculum requirements.

“My passion for Steiner education stems from my own experience as a Steiner student and my passion for play based education. Participating in a study tour to Scotland to observe the outdoor kindergartens brought new inspiration to my teaching. I am grateful to be able to create a warm, loving nurturing space for a child to naturally unfold and start their education journey.”

Emma Gray

Class Guardian – Middle School

Employed from 2019

Bachelor of Fine Art (specializing in Visual Art) – QUT Kelvin Grove
Masters of Teaching (Secondary) (specializing in Art & Technology) – USC

Emma’s vocational experience saw her facilitate contemporary art classes for children in her studio, create commissions and exhibit artworks. She has also worked as a support worker and began raising her own family. Emma was drawn to Birali and is bringing her passion for artist creativity to the students of Birali.

“I am very passionate about family, art and being creative. I thoroughly enjoy the way Steiner education brings a natural, compassionate approach to learning.”

Christoph Steinbeck

Music Teacher

Employed from 2022

Master of Teaching (Primary)

Christoph started out as a High School Geography teacher in Switzerland before moving to Australia in 1998. Since then he re-trained as a primary, early childhood and music teacher and has been working in three Steiner schools at the Mid North Coast of NSW as a teacher’s aide, classroom teacher and music / singing teacher for the last 10 years. Christoph has always been very passionate about music, particularly singing together in harmony, and has been a member and a leader of a number of parent and community choirs for many years. Singing and making music with children of all ages, and adults, is one of his favourite aspects of teaching. 

“I love how in Steiner education we educate the whole child: head, heart and hands. Singing and music is an integral part of the curriculum right from the start, teaching not only musical ability and knowledge, but the effects of it supporting and enhancing all aspects of the children’s growing and learning, with age-appropriate and inspirational musical learning experiences throughout the whole learning journey.”

Marianne Johnson

Teacher – Individual Enrichment – Extra Lesson – Music

Employed from 2018

Diploma of Teaching (Double Major – Theatre & Music)
Bachelor of Education
Graduate Diploma in Learning Difficulties (The Extra Lesson)
iLs Practitioner
Qld Education Music Teachers Course

Marianne is still in awe of how nature and the human being works. To this end she trained in kinesiology believing and becoming more aware that change is always a possibility. She enjoys the non-invasive nature of this therapy.
Many years of participating in music and drama have endeared her love of, and belief in the healing power of these modalities. She is a folk artist at heart and has been in various bands and community theatre. Marianne has a wealth of experience as a Music Teacher and Extra Lesson Teacher with Noosa Pengari Steiner School as well as private practice in Extra Lesson. Marianne has brought her experience to the Individual Enrichment team assisting students with Extra Lesson practices.

“I remember experiencing a moment of sensible warmth when I saw a video on ‘alternative education’ at Teachers College. I saw wood, natural toys, colour, real objects being used and purposeful activity. I did not know there were any such schools in Australia so thought I would never get to experience such a thing, not until I heard of an initiative in Queensland when my daughter was 4. The healing nature and warmth that this education brings between individuals is a powerful thing to build healthy humans for future generations.”

Lily Love

Playgroup Leader, Library Assistant and Teacher Aide

Employed from 2019

Foundations of Early Childhood – Sydney Rudolf Steiner College
Kindermusik Educator
Holistic Nutritionist
Infant Massage Instructor

Lily has experience at Rainbow Ridge Steiner School as Librarian and at Caloundra Steiner as Playgroup Leader. Lily has had an affinity with Rudolf Steiner’s holistic, arts-based education since the birth of her first son, over 20 years ago, and has been collecting nature songs ever since!  Her youngest son is now attending Birali Steiner School where she is now the school’s devoted Playgroup Leader – a role she finds both creatively fulfilling and deeply meaningful. Lily is also Birali’s Library Assistant and continues her passion for Early Childhood with support in the Preschool as a Teacher Aide.

“I’m passionate about Steiner Education because I see it nurturing children on all levels. This holistic approach has spoken to me deeply for many years. Steiner Education for me, is a voice of common sense that unifies both the spiritual and practical aspects of life. It is a joy and a privilege working with children during these vital early years.”

Fiona Bradshaw

Individual Enrichment Teacher

Employed from 2022

Dip Teaching, Bachelor of Arts

Fiona has taught in both primary and secondary schools around Queensland and London over the past three decades. Teaching students with disabilities and learning difficulties for the past six years, however, has been her greatest and most rewarding career experience. “To be able to work one-on-one or in small groups with children and see them progress and develop gives me a real thrill.”

She loves the natural, unaffected environment of Birali where kids can be kids; splashing their wellie-clad feet in puddles on rainy days and climbing trees, instead of being glued to technology.

“I love watching the children weave their baskets, garden, feed the chickens and cuddle the guinea pigs. There’s no pretense, no ‘Mrs’ or ‘Sir’. Working here is like being part of a big, loving family. Birali Steiner is a very special place indeed.”

Megan Allison

Teacher Aide

Employed from 2017

Diploma in Community Services (Welfare)
Certificate lll in education support
Certificate lll in Children’s Services (Early Childhood)

Megan began her career after completing her Diploma in Welfare and working with young children affected by trauma. She was then offered a traineeship in a Long Day Care Centre and after working in the industry for 10 years she began a new journey opening her own Family Day Care business. Motherhood led her into a career in Steiner education as she valued that same kind of education for her own children.

“I have always been passionate about giving young children the gift of play. Finding Birali has allowed me to be a part of a fantastic play based program whilst providing children with nutritious meals. We also incorporate lots of nature play into our days, which is another passion of mine. I love being able to educate the young child’s head, heart and hands in such a nurturing environment. I feel grateful everyday to be a part of the magic at Birali.”

Torie Meggitt

Teacher Aide & Administration

Employed from 2019

Certificate III in Early Childhood Education
Certificate IV in Frontline Management
Currently studying – Certificate IV in Education Support

Torie spent over 10 years in early childhood working with children from 6 weeks to 12 years.

“Having worked in early childhood for over 10 years the first thing that engaged my interest was the beautiful environment and the calm atmosphere within the school.  I find this environment creates calm children that are considerate of their classmates.”

Angela Fryer

Teacher Aide

Employed from 2021

Certificate IV in Education Support

Angela has been a teacher aide since 2018, including working with children with disabilities and disorders. Angela appreciates that every child is unique and gifted in their own way.

“I was drawn to the cultural and environmental aspects of Birali. I am passionate about a humanistic approach to teaching and nurturing the emotional and creative needs of children. Birali Steiner School offers all of this.”

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