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2024 - Prep - Class 3 & 6 - 9
2025 - Prep - Class 4 & 7 - 9

Principal’s Welcome

On behalf of our School community, welcome to Birali Steiner School website.

Our school is located in the beachside community of Beachmere in South-East Queensland and provides an approved curriculum delivery from Prep to Class 9 in 2022.  From the first moment you enter into our school grounds, you will be filled with a sense of calmness, which radiates from the creative spirit of Birali.  Our school is nestled within the natural beauty of Beachmere, with our school architecturally designed in alignment with Steiner Pedagogy and Philosophy.

We also value and support early learning through our birth to five through our ‘Birali Playgroup’.  Families enter into our school community upon the birth of their child and become highly valued members of our wider school community. Our ‘Birali Playgroup’ enables families to experience the wonder of Steiner Education in a homelike setting. 

Our values of wellness, creativity, compassion, wonder and authenticity underpin all that we do.  We are a warm and welcoming inclusive school community, where we believe all children have the right to grow to their full potential in a safe, caring and natural environment. 

We value, support and nurture partnerships with families in the everyday education of their children.  We hold a strong belief that these partnerships should be founded on mutual respect, cooperation, communication and involvement.  At Birali Steiner School, we believe it is an enormous privilege to work alongside parents / guardians, as the primary educators in our school context.

As the Principal of Birali Steiner School, I believe that we “receive the children in reverence, educate the in love and send them forth in freedom” Rudolf Steiner.  We look forward to walking the learning journey with all families.