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2024 - Prep, Class 1 - 3 & 6 - 10
2025 - Prep, Class 1 - 4 & 7 - 10

Paying Fees

Methods of Payment

Upfront Payments
The preferred method for upfront payment of School Fee Account Invoice/Statements or fees prior to commencing, such as Enrolment Application fee is via Westpac PayWay online using Visa or Mastercard by clicking here.  Cash may also be paid at the school office. Please email with your payment receipt. 

Payment Plans
At Birali Steiner School, we recognise that for many of our families, school fees can represent a significant portion of the family budget and many families would welcome greater flexibility around the management of these payments.

Birali Steiner School has proudly partnered with specialist provider, Edstart, to make managing school fee payments easier for our families from the start of 2024. Edstart offers an easy, flexible and zero-cost way for parents to pay their school fees in periodic instalments that suit the family budget, with no credit checks. Edstart Plus allows families to spread fee payments into weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments over the school year, with the ability to choose a preferred day for when payments are made.

While we put our resources into guiding and supporting our students in their learning and wellbeing, Edstart are the experts in their field and are best placed to assist our families with flexible school fee payments.

Families wishing to pay their fees in instalments can set up an Edstart Plus account by visiting

Fee and payment related enquiries should be directed to or by phoning 07 5429 0511. 

The Parent Portal can be accessed via the link here to view your current statement and transactions.