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2024 - Prep - Class 3 & 6 - 9
2025 - Prep - Class 4 & 7 - 9

Secondary – Middle School

Class 7, 8, 9 & 10

Young Adults Becoming Independent Thinkers

The next fundamental development in the young person’s life occurs between the ages of twelve and fifteen. This stage, known as adolescence or puberty, is one of great physical change and is also reflected in the young person’s intellectual, emotional and spiritual life. As each young person’s thinking changes, our Middle School strives to inspire students by encouraging them to develop a love of learning through the engagement of their will. As a team of teachers, we encourage these young adults to become independent thinkers, to observe the world around them and to ask questions in order to form their own conclusions.

Nurtured by Class Guardians

As students come into the Middle School, they are nurtured by a Class Guardian, who follows the class up through the grades providing pastoral care, as well as a group of Specialist Teachers. These adults help the young person to extend their thinking as they delve in depth into each curriculum subject. As the adolescent begins to ask questions and to seek answers in a more abstract way, the Specialist Teacher is there to guide, support and encourage them.

Full Range of Academic Subjects

The Main Lesson structure established in the Primary School years is preserved throughout the Middle School and students continue to explore a full range of academic subjects.  As the students mature, they are encouraged to be more responsible as they move from classroom to classroom which strengthens their experience of independence.

Developing the Complete Child

The Main Lesson, the cornerstone of Waldorf education, helps our middle school pupils focus their studies. The material is delivered in a variety of formats, with time allotted to consider linkages to other fields and the arts.

After Main Lesson, the rest of the day is dedicated to practice lessons which include English, Mathematics, Visual Art, Design Technology, Workshop / Manual Crafts, Foreign Language, Music, Physical Education and Gardening.

The Middle School Curriculum

Students’ whole experience of extending their world and finding their place in it is honoured in our middle school curriculum. Every facet of learning is meant to encourage students to investigate a topic via several modalities, allowing them to learn more deeply rather of merely skimming the surface or memorising facts. This multi-faceted method also aids students in discovering more about themselves and their prefered learning style.

The development of their will in the early years and feelings in the Primary School is now tempered by the more intellectual emphasis in the Secondary School providing age-appropriate, engaging learning.

To assist students transitioning to Senior Secondary or other alternative pathways, Birali integrates a VET qualification (Certificate II Workplace Skills) for Class 10 students. The course is delivered in-class by one of our Secondary Teachers via an online platform provided by Binnacle Training (with some additional out of school tasks to complete).

To find out more about our Middle School programme, please feel free to book a school tour or call us on (07) 5429 0511.