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Prep, Classes 1, 2, 5 & 6

Primary School

Class 1 up to Class 7

Building Secure Relationships
Children begin Class 1 in the year that they turn seven. At Birali Steiner School, the students are welcomed into the Primary School with a Rose Ceremony. Each Class 1 child is given a rose by the senior class in the school as they enter the next phase of their education. The primary years are spent in a secure relationship with the same Class Teacher year to year, who provides the overall curriculum and pastoral care for the class throughout the Primary School grades.

Holistic Learning Experiences
The Primary School curriculum is brought through imaginative story, artistic work, poetry and verse, music and movement.

Core academic skills are taught and practised through holistic and balanced learning experiences and story content to meet the developmental needs of the child at each grade. This begins in the imaginative realm of the Fairy Tales and Celtic Myths, with the children being led on a journey through the history of the world by their Class Teacher.

Each year work is derived from themes of, the Celtic World, Ancient Civilisations, the Northern European Mythologies, Classical Greek Mythologies into Medieval History and the Renaissance.

Addressing Feelings and Intellect
Throughout the Primary School, children participate in a broad range of subjects which include English, Mathematics, Science, Music, Physical Education, Craft, Science, Woodwork/Handwork and Languages. All areas of learning are taught both imaginatively and artistically to address the children’s feelings as well as intellect.

As the school continues to grow it is expected that composite classes will be phased out as enrolments permit single stream years.

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