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2024 - Prep, Class 1 - 3 & 6 - 10
2025 - Prep, Class 1 - 4 & 7 - 10

Individual Enrichment Team

The team is comprised of the Academic, the Extra Lesson and the Wellbeing facilitators and together with teachers and teacher aides, the team provides in-class and individual program assistance for students and teachers. It also means that activities, lessons and follow-up given can be a mix of academic, movement and wellbeing activities for that individual or group.

The academic aspects track student literacy and numeracy progression and support with targeted programmes.  The Extra Lesson program observes child development and supports the individual with movement and artistic exercises, sound therapy and physical treatments; and with in-class group activities which may involve movement and coordination exercises. The Wellbeing sessions focus on social and emotional life and may involve conversations, footbaths, sand tray, clay and/or artistic activities.

This team also works with parents to enhance the journey of learning to be in this world, to balance the physical, social, emotional, academic and spiritual aspects of becoming which requires nurturing and love in a safe, caring environment.