Early Childhood: Playgroup | Birali Steiner School Beachmere
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2024 - Prep - Class 3 & 6 - 9
2025 - Prep - Class 4 & 7 - 9

Early Childhood: Playgroup

The Birali Playgroup is a special place where our Playgroup Leader, Lily Love, guides the session through a nurturing program inspired by Rudolf Steiner’s indications for very young children.

The aim of our playgroup is to create a homelike space of warmth and goodness for children where they can learn holistically from play, as well as welcome parents and caregivers to make valuable social connections to the local community.

Our sessions are held in our Pippi garden with the children given the time and space to engage in unstructured, self-directed play with open ended materials, while parents busy their own hands with simple crafts or enjoy a cup of tea.

While their parents are nearby, children engage in songs during circle time, leading into a shared fruit break, finishing with story telling.

It is highly recommended families attend our playgroup program for a gentle transition into our Birali Prep (Pippi’s), to both familiarise children with similar routines, and for parents to learn the fundamentals of how to best support their child’s development from home.

Please be advised that your first visit to playgroup is free and thereafter is charged at a termly rate which works out as $17.50 per session.

Our Playgroup runs during term time on Wednesdays at 9am-11am.

Registration is required prior to attendance and we have a cap on the number of attendees to ensure enjoyment for all participants.

Download the Playgroup Registration Form, the Playgroup Code of Conduct and the Playgroup Registration Policy by clicking here.