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2024 - Prep, Class 1 - 3 & 6 - 10
2025 - Prep, Class 1 - 4 & 7 - 10

Birali Craft Group

Birali Parent Craft Group run by Birali Steiner School’s dedicated volunteer craft coordinators. The group meets each Wednesday in term times from 8:45am till 12pm in the Birali Hub, now on site at our school. Birali Craft focusses on the use of natural materials such as wool fleece, wool felt, wood, cotton, paper and beeswax in projects that busy the hands whilst steadying the mind and exercising will. Projects are often scheduled in line with the current season, upcoming school festivals/events and draw influence from the school environment and skills that students would also learn throughout their education.

No experience is necessary to join the group, the craft coordinators can teach you even the basics and all materials can be purchased from Birali Collective which is also located inside the Birali Hub. 

Those attending can enjoy morning tea in between crafting and the space caters for small children allowing the little ones to be kept busy and safe while their parents engage in mindful crafting. Projects change weekly and are scheduled prior to the start of each term. The current craft schedule can be found around the school, on School Stream, in the school newsletter and on the Birali Craft Facebook page.  

All Birali Parent Craft Group participants must read and sign the Parent Craft Group Policy prior to participating.