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Prep, Classes 1, 2, 5 & 6

Birali Collective Shop

Birali Collective is Birali’s hidden treasure trove of natural and handmade treasures and natural craft materials. Located inside the Birali Hub, this little shop is open 3 times per week to the Birali Community and run by Birali Steiner School’s dedicated volunteer craft coordinators. Payments can be taken by cash or by card. Birali Collective also sell items on consignment which align with the school’s ethos as well as special items students use at different ages throughout their education at Birali Steiner School.  

Current open times: Tuesday 2pm-3pm, Wednesday 8:45am-12pm, Friday 2pm-3pm 


  • Silk by the metre 
  • Muslin by the metre 
  • 100% wool felt  
  • 100% wool roving (fleece) 
  • Wool yarn 
  • 100% wool stuffing 
  • Wooden peg  
  • Needle Felting supplies 
  • Hand sewing supplies 
  • Stockmar crayons, blocks and sticks 
  • Lyra Pencils, pencil sharpeners and extenders 
  • Watercolour painting supplies 
  • Hand knitted scarves, socks, beanies, blankets & shawls 
  • Toys from natural materials 
  • Handcrafted play materials 
  • Craft kits 
  • Children’s books 
  • Steiner education & parenting books 
  • Eco household & cleaning products 
  • Natural Skin care products 

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